When a pet receives a terminal diagnosis, it becomes a difficult decision-making time for owners. Our end-of-life care services simplify veterinary hospice care and pet euthanasia with pet owners in mind.

Pet Hospice Services for End of Life Care

Hospice provides medically supervised care and housing for a pet after they receive a terminal diagnosis.

The services provided during hospice care vary depending on each pet’s needs, but can include:

  • Pain management
  • IV fluid administration
  • Supplemental nutrition
  • Incontinence management
  • Bandage and wound care
  • Education about the end-of-life process

Our hospice team is dedicated to providing comfort and improved quality of life to your pet during their final days.Wwhether your family opts for a natural death or pet euthanasia.

End of Life Care in Salt Lake City, UT

Pet Euthanasia for End of Life Care

When a pet has fallen ill and there are no viable treatment options that will save its life, we provide euthanasia services as an option for owners. Euthanasia is a method of ending the pet’s life calmly, peacefully and without pain, while surrounded by family members and owners. It is never easy to decide to end a faithful pet’s life, but sometimes it is the most humane thing that owners can choose, to end the animal’s suffering.

The veterinarian administers a sedative followed by a pharmaceutical to end your pet’s life. The process is very quick and painless for the animal, you can be there during your pet’s final moments to say goodbye and provide comfort to him.

Contact Us for End of Life Care

Choosing end-of-life care is never easy, especially when an animal has been part of your family for years. If you’d like to discuss our end-of-life care and services, contact us and schedule an appointment with a veterinarian today.

If you have a pet that is experiencing a severely reduced quality of life due to disease, illness, or advanced age, please contact us with any questions you may have about pet euthanasia services. You can reach Red Butte Veterinary Clinic in Salt Lake City at 801-583-1340 or by email at redbuttevet@gmail.com.

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