The best and least expensive time for dentistry is when no extractions are needed! Calculus along the gum line erodes the natural barrier to bacteria and causes permanent damage to the teeth resulting in pain, bad breath, infection, inflammation, bleeding, extraction, expense and systemic disease.

Maintenance Dentistry—includes pre-anesthesia exam, IV catheter, and fluids, anesthesia, monitoring, warming, scaling, polishing, oral probing and charting, preventative treatment and always gentle, understanding handling.

Conscious Sedation dentistry may be an alternative to anesthetized dentistry for your pet.  It is most effective when the calculus is mild and dentistry is done more frequently.  Pets simply do not tolerate the high pitched noise, vibration on the teeth and water spray without any sedation.  The sedation allows your dog to sit back and open wide and is reversible so he/she can go home shortly after the procedure is complete.  We cannot do any extractions or radiographs under sedation alone but we can move from sedation to anesthesia if necessary.  The cost of the procedure includes sedation, ultrasonic scaling, oral probing, and charting, low-speed polish, preventative treatment and always gentle, caring handling.

The doctor will call you to discuss any recommended care beyond what is included, no surprise expenses!  Additional expenses may include extractions, antibiotics, and pain medications.

Maintenance Dentistry

$ 295

Including routine pre-anesthetic lab work

Maintenance Dentistry

$ 399

Including pre-anesthetic lab work and full mouth digital dental radiographs


$ 195

Alternative to anesthetized dentistry
Maintenance Dentistry: $295
  • Including routine pre-anesthetic lab work
Maintenance Dentistry: $399
  • Including pre-anesthetic lab work and full mouth digital dental radiographs
Conscious Sedation: $195
  • Alternative to anesthetized dentistry